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Aug. 13th, 2014


Have made it to the Excel. I expect to be here until 2 and then again starting at 3.



You know how, sometimes, you're drinking alcohol but you feel fine until you stand up?

That's how I felt this morning after far too little sleep. I woke up, thought "Hey, this isn't too bad", got ready for work, and started down the stairs to go catch the train. BAM. So ready to claim a quiet room for a 'meeting' and have a nap instead. Too bad they all have glass windows to look in. :p


Obesity thread

awesome, not sad
So how long before someone tries to tell me I'm just too emotional to have the discussion? Or that if I'd just try as hard as they do, I wouldn't be obese? (Aside from baxus, who's basically already done that.)


Four little words.

“Gay Cuttlefish Shapeshifter Erotica.”



robb, lolz
I am ready.


Happy 2013!

I hope that you are all well, or that if you aren't, it passes quickly.

I had a very nice time in California, despite the storms. Lovely Christmas, less family irritation (on everybody's side) than normal, and two whole weeks not being on call.

Weirdly, AT&T apparently won't let you add a data plan to a pay-as-you-go option if you're using an iPhone, so I was thrown back to the days before mobile internet. More than once I caught myself flipping my phone to the email application, only to remember "Oh yeah, can't do that." I could get online from my parents' house, but chose not to do so as often as normal. We're all a big family of internetworked nerds, but still.

I was also busy studying for the second of Cisco's ICND exams, so I wouldn't have gotten online as much anyway. I'm sorry if I missed anything I should have commented on. In good news, I passed, and both halves were verified, so I am officially CCNA certified now. Woohoo! I am continuing my studies, but we'll see when I take the next exam. I'm working from a site that claims you can get a CCNA Voice in 2 weeks, and a CCNP in another 8 weeks after that, but I think that's a little ambitious.

Other than that, still plodding along with the same stuff, and normal year-end ruminations, but nothing particularly noteworthy. Just making new plans for a new year, and wishing everyone the best in 2013!


Good things

I am grumpy again, so time for another round of reminding myself of good things:

Happy happy joy joyCollapse )

5. I saw a poster of Peadar's book covers in the window of a shop yesterday. A shoe shop, I think, but still a very prominent window on a very well-travelled shopping street in Dublin City Centre. A little dose of awesomeness for the day!

*Any number greater than 1.


Monthly catchup

I have been reading everyone's posts, just not commenting as much as I probably should. I am absolutely thinking about all of you, though.

Still in Dublin, still on call, still in support, still happy in my apartment (although I desperately need to just set some time aside and deep clean it).

Took up tatting yesterday, which is great for being fiddly with my hands. Eventually I think it won't take too much mental processing either, but right now it needs a little extra focus. I also bought the Pimsleur Mandarin course, so now I need to tape my headphones back together and start listening. (Do I expect to need it? No, but why not?)

And speaking of focus, I had LASIK done last week, so I am still getting used to that! I go in for my first week's checkup on Wednesday, so I'll have a better idea of how corrected everything is. Compared to before, though, it's remarkable.

Hope you are all doing well, or doing better, and that I get to see you all in the not-years-distant future.

Good things

Since I know I tend to use LJ as a dumping ground:

1. Three day weekend
2. Time changes back, so an extra hour of sleep
2a. Light in the mornings on the way to work!
3. Home just in time to watch Los Gigantes game 2.
4. Opera-movie tomorrow!
5. Ex-housemate has found a version of a song I've been looking for for so long I can nearly use the word "decades".


I hope that you all have great days too. :)



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